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Supporting the Arts in Our School and Community!

We are a group of community members from across Marin County that  is inter-generational and culturally diverse.  We are working to raise funds to provide resources to ensure all students attending Bayside Martin Luther King, Jr. Academy have equitable access to high quality visual and performing arts programs.

Our History

Arts+ Bayside MLK Jr. Foundation (formerly The Center for Excellence: Empowering Students through the Arts) was founded in 2015 and focuses on raising awareness and support for Transitional Kindergarten – 8th grade students at Bayside Martin Luther King, Jr. Academy, a public school in Marin City, CA where at least 95% of the diverse student body is eligible for free or reduced price meals.



Our Mission

Arts+ is committed to inspiring and empowering students to achieve educational excellence through engagement in the visual and performing arts.


  1. The music program has expanded to two sessions per week for each class (up from one per week). The new music teacher, Phillip Logan, comes to Bayside MLK with passion and enthusiasm that is swiftly spreading and infusing throughout all classes and ages.
  2. In 2019 the Middle School Artists' Collective was started with an inaugural exhibit at the Rock Hill Gallery in Tiburon.
  3. All instruments donated through an instrument drive have been tuned up or repaired at The Magic Flute Music Store in San Rafael and made available to students.
  4. For the first time, students have been able to take instruments home for individual practice is a key part of learning. Previously, students were only provided one hour of instruction on Saturdays without the ability to take instruments home. We added two adult musical instructors in the second semester of the 2017-18 school year, who have been regularly providing small group lessons, free to the children, during the Saturday SoundWaves sessions.  Previously, Ms. Jonnette Newton was out lone adult teacher, who was supported by volunteer high school music students for additional mentoring and role modeling. The added instructors have dramatically accelerated the musical growth of the students.
  5. This summer, Ms. Newton added an exciting new program to SoundWaves, called Summer Music Academy.  The one-week session included multiple daily programs, including Ethnic Drums. Music Theory, Instrument Focus, and Choral.  Ten students participated in this first Academy, which gave existing and new students important exposure to more aspects of music.
  6. The visual arts after-school Open Studio program, restored in 2017-18, continues two days a week this year. Students of all ages initiate projects of their own choosing during this popular time.
  7. The Bayside MLK Museum of Art was inaugurated in a space off the multipurpose room, which students and families pass through each morning to enter the school.  Please go to learn more!
  8. And, finally, we continue to use some of our donated proceeds to pilot a theater arts program, integrated into the middle school’s social studies curriculum, literally bringing history to life for the students. Without state or district funding for theater arts, this is important exposure. The initial  pilot was a tremendous success. 

Your generosity has made a significant difference and we hope you will continue to support Arts+ to help the students of Bayside MLK Academy.  These programs help our students build a range of skills that will support them through high school, encourage them to pursue higher education, and ultimately improve their chances of leading successful, productive lives. On behalf of all of these students, thank you for your continued support and commitment. Together, we can make great things—and people—happen.


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